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June Open Studio and New Work

Saturday evening at the N Space where I work on mosaics and prints was a fun evening to show my new work — mosiacs, paintings and pastels.

Tonight I made another work in the series that is on the wall of the studio.  I used a small thumbnail to work from.  

On the left is the 30×22″ soft pastel work I worked on tonight.  I brush water into the pastels in some places.  It gives the effect of  watercolor or lithograph marks.  Then I work over the washes.
This is the very small (3×2″) thumbnail sketch I was inspired by.

Going to Pot

I recently acquired many terra cotta pots from a neighbor who had seen my mosaic pots recently. When I got this great number of pots, I thought of making ” Garden Totems” all covered in shards that will reflect light. They will be suitable for outdoor use.

Here are some of the pots glued head to head, then stacked.  With this number of pots, I should be able to make several totems.

Most of the pots are about 6″ across the top.

There are a couple of different shapes.

Here the first shards are attached to the pots with mortar.

The totem starting out.

Another view. I worked about 3 hours on the totem today.
The mosaics hanging on the wall are made of broken ceramic shards.

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Sheryl About Art: Three For A Hot Summer Day

Sheryl About Art: Three For A Hot Summer Day: “Today for three hours I painted three works on paper in acrylics. Untitled acrylic on paper 30×22′ by Sheryl Southwick It was fun pour…”

Three For A Hot Summer Day

Today for three hours I painted three works on paper in acrylics.

Untitled acrylic on paper 30×22″ by Sheryl Southwick

It was fun pouring thinned paint, scraping, drawing into the wet with a black China marker and with a wooden stick. I was working from very small 3 inch studies that I had done with pastels a few months ago.
Untitled (In progress) 30×22″ Acrylic on paper by Sheryl Southwick

I had always intended to make larger works from them since they were so full of energy! So that’s what I did today outside at a glass topped table. I used my Atelier Open Acrylics and my Folio paper from Art Supply Warehouse. It was very hot and humid out but it was shady and I had my ice water.

Untitled 30×22″ acrylic on paper by Sheryl Southwick
After three hours, I got stung by a wasp while I was taking everything into the studio. The ice sure came in handy for that! I’d heard thunder rumbling in the distance and wanted to get all the supplies and paper and artworks under shelter.

I hope it rains!

Two Pastels

This is my first blog day. I am inspired by the opportunity to share what I know about making art.

Today I worked on two pastel paintings that have been in progress, one in soft pastel, the other in oil pastel. I love both mediums. Many translucent layers can be achieved in both. It’s like creating my own archaeological dig.

Between Land and Sea oil pastel 22×30 copyright 2011 Sheryl Southwick

Marks made can be scraped off in oil pastels, leaving traces. Then more colors laid over. Layers of color that blend and make new views of what’s buried beneath.

In soft pastels, layers can be sprayed, then subsequent layers built up. Water can be brushed over the soft dusty colors to move them around. Sometimes the spray can push the colored dust around. Dynamic effects happen in different ways. Experimentation is in order.

Moon in the Garden 22×30″ pastel copyright 2011 Sheryl Southwick