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Opening of the Exhibit “Moon in the Garden”

“Between Land and Sea” and “Moon in the Garden”


Last night at the Grapevine Cafe and Gallery in Donaldsonville, we had an opening of the show — “Moon in the Garden” art by two sisters Sheryl Southwick and Billie Bourgeois.  This is a shot in the front of the space.




In the back of the restaurant, just in front of the wine cellar, there are about seven works.  Here you see two by Sheryl on the left and one on the right by Billie.



This is the opposite wall from the above picture.  I love the brick walls.  Here are four pastels by Sheryl.  These are in a very nice dining area separated a little from the rest of the restaurant.  The table accommodates a larger party.

Four by the windows

Four Pastels by Sheryl


Four by Sheryl


In the front dining room, as you walk in on the left you would see these four of my works on paper.  The white mats really set the colorful works off very nicely from the brick wall.  People are happily dining on the delicious food served by fabulous people!  After a very short time the place was packed with diners and art and music lovers, not an empty chair to be found.


And all the while, we were being treated to the wonderful jazz sounds of the Bill Kimbrell Trio!  Feasting for the ears, the eyes and the mouth — soul-full all around!

The artworks will hang until November 6.