Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mount Crushmore, aka Mount Glassmore

Yesterday was the “Dirt Show” at the N Space in Baton Rouge.  I participated happily, having dreamed for weeks that I would build a Gaudi-esque wall out of my cubic yard of dirt.    I enlisted the help of a friend, Jamye St. Romain, to assist me in creating a mosaic covered side of a pile of dirt that I shaped a little bit by mixing water in the dirt and moving it around.  So at 8 am I started.  It was about 43 degrees and windy. I had my thermos of coffee.  




My pile of Dirt. In the parking lot. In front of my studio.

The beginning of the mosaic. Bowls of glass shards.

More glass, more mortar, the color will be coming around the mountain.









Mark Nikoff, the mastermind of the idea of the Dirt Show (and of the N Studios), moved wheelbarrows full of dirt on the night before the project so that they lined up along the curb in front of the studios.



Jamye and I had fun cutting colored glass as we ran out. 


Nearing Completion.

Here I am with my assistant, Jamye St. Romain, who spent over four hours helping “Gaudi-fy” this pile of dirt.  It was a windy, shady, 43 degrees.  But the fun of creating kept us going, along with hot coffee.

A long view of the piles of dirt and some of the projects along the curb in front of the studios.

                         The final version, all cleaned up.                                                   In the end, we won the prizes of future publicity in the magazine “Our Louisiana” and a gift certificate for  Mestizo’s Mexican Restaurant.