Monthly Archives: April 2012

Doors with New Life

One day about three months ago I found a stack of closet doors lying on the side of the street I live on. They were left out for the special trash pick up that was due a couple of days later. I examined them to find they were all in excellent shape, no holes or gashes or worn areas. I put them all in my old van — gotta’ love that car — and delivered them to my studio where I sanded them and primed them for painting. For years I’d had visions of another folding screen. These six doors were the perfect basis for one.

I am turning each door into an interior wall with a view out of a window. Each one is different. Each one can “stand” alone visually or with one or all of the other panels. I will connect them all with hinges to form a free-standing screen

Bamboo and Cat -- 2 panels