Monthly Archives: April 2016

Tearing It Up or Anatomy of a Collage

My collages are made with Folio paper by Legion Paper Co.  It is a workhorse paper and is able to stand up to the abuse I give it.

First I apply a think acrylic wash to several 1/2 or 1/4 sheets.  I also apply a thin wash to the background sheet to which the strips will be added.

Next thing I do is distress the paper a little with different objects such as forks, by scraping the tines on the paper to make indentations.



Soft pastels give my collages a soft flat surface which I prefer. I use Rembrandts and other brands. Arranged loosely by hue.

Applied over the marks I’ve made in the washed paper pastel allows the marks underneath to show, giving the papers depth.

Then I tear the paper into ever smaller strips.      







I use a metal wall and magnets to work up a collage so that I can see it as it progresses.  It is a lot easier to see what I am doing.  The magnets are extra strong ones. They are round and come in different diameters.


Then I build the collage, one strip at a time.