Monthly Archives: May 2016

Stopped in my Tracks by Beauty

As I was driving home from work along the edge of a creek, I noticed the sky screaming at me with intense colors — orange,  blue, gold and darkly shadowy trees. I had to pull over to the side to look at it nature’s show. Don’t pass me by, it seemed to call silently. Take my picture. I am gorgeous.

Pulling out my Canon Sure Shot while reveling in this gift that was mine just for the stopping, I shot a picture. Wondering if the pullover spot was made specifically for beauty moments like this I’d hoped it was. Happily I was able to enjoy this brief encounter. The solar system never stops. So we must.

It goes without saying that my picture comes nowhere near the brilliance of the moment.

If I hadn’t stopped and if there were beauty officers around I would have been fined for Opportunity Lost.

I went to my studio to paint, scratch, and tear up paper to make a collage in response.

It is 22×30″ made of hand-colored, hand-torn paper with layers of colors.