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Two Totems nearing Completion

  1. For the last two days I have worked about six hours on the two garden totems.  I have finished the mosaic on the mortar.  I have grouted one of them.  Both the totems are mounted in their concrete bases.  Sitting on my toolbox, working on the lowest parts of the first mosaic, I am applying sanded grout.
  2. I’m sitting on the toolbox grouting the lower parts of the first mosaic.

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Two Pastels

This is my first blog day. I am inspired by the opportunity to share what I know about making art.

Today I worked on two pastel paintings that have been in progress, one in soft pastel, the other in oil pastel. I love both mediums. Many translucent layers can be achieved in both. It’s like creating my own archaeological dig.

Between Land and Sea oil pastel 22×30 copyright 2011 Sheryl Southwick

Marks made can be scraped off in oil pastels, leaving traces. Then more colors laid over. Layers of color that blend and make new views of what’s buried beneath.

In soft pastels, layers can be sprayed, then subsequent layers built up. Water can be brushed over the soft dusty colors to move them around. Sometimes the spray can push the colored dust around. Dynamic effects happen in different ways. Experimentation is in order.

Moon in the Garden 22×30″ pastel copyright 2011 Sheryl Southwick

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